Enhance your viewing and streaming experience on Kick.

TONS of site-wide tweaks, custom emotes, unlockable badges and gradients, a completely re-imagined chat system, and a POWERFUL cloud chat bot.




Complete tasks, achievements, mini-games and more to unlock eye-catching unlockables. Tons of Badges, Username Gradients, Avatar Frames, with more being added constantly, AeroKick makes it easy to stand out in chat.

Chat, Redefined.


We have completely reimagined how a livestream chat can be. Chatter avatars, custom username colors, a built in chat-leveling system, a quick action wheel and MUCH more. Oh, and customizations, every last thing about the chat can be tweaked exactly to your liking.



Don't worry, we didn't forget about the rest of the site. AeroKick offers incredible levels of customization for just about every single thing you could imagine. From small things like moving the location of the search bar, to more impactful things like a floating sidebar, custom colors, we give you the ability to make your viewing experience yours.



We rewrote the live-stream player from the ground up to have more features, and help you when something does go wrong. Our player has built-in audio normalization to make streams sound crisp, a new “stats for nerds” menu. And if you happen to buffer and fall behind, the player will automatically catch up to real-time without you even noticing.



What would a livestreaming browser extension be without custom emotes? We aren't sure but we wanted to make sure we made one of the best custom emote systems ever. Add or upload up to 500 custom static, or animated emotes. We also built a completely new emote-picker from the ground up designed with speed in mind. Use all of your normal Kick emotes, and AeroKick emotes from the same menu, with no lag no matter how many you have.


AeroKick Chat Bot

The AeroKick Chat Bot is a chatbot created to be simple to use, but incredibly powerful. Built on an entirely new bot system called Flows, the AeroKick Chat Bot is able to do nearly anything you can imagine.

AeroKick Basic Editor

Basic Editor

The basic editor is the simplest way to build out AeroKick Bot flows, make commands, timers, Stream Deck buttons, follow alerts, and much more. Utilizing a massive amount of built in variables to make responses say just about anything or pull in information from just about anywhere.

Advanced Editor

The advanced editor is here for those that want to make some slightly more advanced flows. It features a full visual-scripting language allowing you to build just about anything. Fetch data, add logic, get and set variables, even perform string manipulation!

AeroKick Basic Editor
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Augmented Displays

Augmented Displays are a new, cohesive take on stream overlays & widgets.

AeroKick Basic Editor

Powerful In Browser Editor

The Augmented Display editor was built from the ground up to be fast and easy to use. Tweak each augments settings to match your stream, position things perfectly by using the in-editor OBS preview. Or add new augments such as labels or a streamathon timer!

The Most Advanced
Stream Visuals Ever

Augmented Displays leverage a powerful custom animation system to create hyper-dynamic visual experiences. Each element is aware of it's position, and the presence of other elements, enabling fluid interactions between them. Place augments anywhere on your screen and watch as your alerts and chat visually work together to create a uniquely cohesive experience.

AeroKick Basic Editor
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